The 10 Best Mind-Bending Romances

These offbeat romances occupy a small but growing sub-niche of both the science fiction and fantasy genre and the romance genre. Some might be called science fiction or fantasy films at their heart, with romance elements.  Others might be called romances at heart, with fantasy or science fiction elements. Regardless of how the viewer chooses to see each individual film, they clearly all cross boundaries, and tell strange tales with unexpected twists, in the tradition of mind-bending cinema.

I’ve ordered them in what I consider ascending order, and chosen fairly recent films, all in the English language.  I could have chosen a number of foreign films to appear in this list, for example perhaps the charming French film, Amelie, or another French mind-bending masterpiece, The Double Life of Veronique.  Perhaps I’ll write a separate review for some of those foreign films which might fit this odd cross-genre group of films.

In any case, each of these stories has delightful romantic elements than any lover of romance films should enjoy, and each of them has enough unexpected twists and turns to entertain any lover of mind-bending films.

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